Thursday, July 4, 2013

CH-CH-CH CHANGES...are hard

I'm not an exceptional person in a lot of ways. I give up too easily the second adversity gets in my way. I've read a lot of the other health blogs out in the blogosphere and been amazed at the things other people are doing/transformations (not only in body but in health!). I figure...

                                                    IT'S TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE

That's what I'm hoping this blog will be. My hope is update daily with my food, fitness, and if I'm ambitious cooking/baking adventures. I hope you find it interesting :)

Here are some exciting things coming up in my new world perspective:

  • Starting my strict vegetarian/loose vegan diet (more on this later)
  • Going to be reviewing some raw vegan protein powders (Sunwarrior and Garden of Life)
  • Going to be reviewing PB2
  • BOOTCAMP (in a few weeks)

So, stay tuned!

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