Sunday, July 7, 2013

Waking up early *YAWWWWN*

I've developed a bad habit...waking up later (like 12-1 pm late). EEK! I blame my lazy behind and that fact that none of my summer obligations require me to be up before noon. I even drew this picture to capture my summer accomplishments:

I'll probably share more art on this blog, I paint more than I draw.

That said, rising early is one of those things that I know will help with losing weight. Also, going to bed earlier. Why? you ask. Because I'm a nighttime muncher. I get most of my cravings in the listless hours after the sun sneaks away. If I can retrain my body to sleep before 10 and wakeup before 7 I know I'll be golden with getting rid of these munchies.

So, to aid in this...


I'm going to walk to the gym and workout! More on that later this afternoon with some of my eats. Until then. 

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