Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Just walking outside today for an hour after work and I was drenched. Thank goodness I cut off a foot of my hair before summer. I can't imagine lugging around that heap of hair today.

I stopped in at The Pourhouse Cafe for an ICED coffee.

Ice goodness, a high point today
SPAGHETTI SQUASH (the most amusing of the squashes)

Cut in half, placed down on plate, covered with plastic (leave a little space as steam vent), microwave 15-17 minutes depending on size.

Take fork, scrap the innards!

Made a sauce ------>
  saute onions, throw in tomato puree, add    red bell pepper. Season with sugar, salt.
Served up! 

Off to the gym! I'll have a post on what I did later tonight :) Until then!

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